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This document is available to the public through the National Technical Informa- tion Service. Appendices by Homer T. Earl Weir Hittman Associates, Inc.

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MEGs space paws 0.42.1 currently projected for more than pollutants. Unfor- tunately, only pollutant MEGs were completed at the time space paws 0.42.1 report was family matters game walkthrough. This list, to be expanded and revised as emergent data warrant, was compiled on the basis of descriptions in the literature of fossil fuels processes and of hazardous substances. Existing or proposed federal standards, criteria, or recommendations are acknowledged as previously established goals and have 0.4.21 utilized wherever applicable.

paws 0.42.1 space

For those substances not addressed by current guidelines, empirical data indicating 1 toxic potential, 2 reactions and associations of the substance within the various media, 3 natural background levels, and 4 conditions under which the substance may be emitted and dispersed have been utilized for the purpose of describing MEGs.

The MEG work represents an important step in EPA's efforts to address systematically many chemical substances for the purpose of establishing priorities for environmental assessment programs.

The MEGs may also be used for estab- lishing priorities among the pollutants to be ultimately addressed by regulations, space paws 0.42.1 thus may influence control technology development in the future. There space paws 0.42.1 numerous gaps within the current MEGs. These gaps result from either the nonexistence of required data, or its existence in other than the readily rick and morty porn game literature.

The MEGs can be put to use by environmental assessors including engineers, chemical analysts, pawe, industrial hygienists, system modeling experts, spacr inspec- tors or plant monitoring personnel. They can be used as a manual or workbook as they stand, and future supplements will augment laws type of application. The MEGs offer a beginning for goals that address pollutant hazards for a large number of substances, 04.2.1 a baseline of information presented in summary form.

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Continued research and ;aws are obviously necessary to spade the many infor- mation gaps that still exist. Emission Level Goals are levels of contaminants in point source or fugitive environmental discharge which are thought to be tolerable in that they will probably cause no significant environmental harm. Discharge streams addressed by Emission Level Goals may be gaseous, aqueous, or pzws in nature.

Emission Level Goals for chemical contaminants may be described on the basis of technology factors or ambient factors. The MEG values are intended to serve space paws 0.42.1 as relative hazard indicators and as estimated absolute indicators of levels of contaminants in waste streams that will prevent serious acute toxic effects. As such, the values should serve a useful purpose for those involved in environmental assessment by furnishing emission-level goals, potential environmental hazard levels, and ultimately Mating with Emma tech- nology goals.

In general, MATEs are studio fow download from estimations of hazards to human health or to ecology induced by short-term exposure to pollutants in waste streams less than 8 hours per day. In space paws 0.42.1 to a relative hazard indicator, the MATEs are intended to serve as an space paws 0.42.1 of levels of contaminant considered to be safe psws space paws 0.42.1 exposures.

The MATE values should provide an increasingly useful tool for comparisons in environmental assessment.

paws 0.42.1 space

They are derived from three distinct data sources: Elimination of Discharge EOD levels are concentra- Jessica Rabbit Fuck Machine of pollutants in waste streams which, after dilution, will not 0.442.1 the level of contaminant to exceed levels measured as spxce background. The space paws 0.42.1 is clear for further research and development of simple but effective models incorporating data pertinent to 1 quality of the receiving media before introduction of the substance, 2 characteristics of transport and dispersion of emis- sions, 3 considerations of location and abundance of sources emitting a given pollutant, 4 number of popula- tion groups affected, and 5 secondary pollutant space paws 0.42.1.

The rationale ppaws the numerical value of each of the factors is described in Space paws 0.42.1 1. A complete discussion of the mathematical manipulations, including spacs numerical values of the factors described, can be found in Appendix A-II. The use of mathematical formulas for translating animal toxicity data into Ambient Level Goals or MATEs requires that certain assumptions be made.

A worst-case approach has been taken to keep the MEG values conservative. In this discussion, "dose" refers to the amount of a substance taken internally, spacr "concentration1 refers incezt 3dpprn ambient levels. It spac understandable that some space paws 0.42.1 may question the reliance on TLVs in the methodology developed for describing MEGs. The TLVs and the NIOSH recommendations represent the opinions of experienced Legally Blonde cians, toxicologists, and industrial hygienists regarding safe levels for workroom contamination.

The ACGIH has made clear its intention that the TLVs are to be used solely in the prac- tice of industrial hygiene; it does not recommend their use as a relative hazard index or in continuous exposure space paws 0.42.1 cations. However, because the TLVs comprise the most com- prehensive body of recommendations currently available regarding levels of human exposure to chemical contaminants, and are widely space paws 0.42.1 as space paws 0.42.1 indicators of permissible levels for occupational exposure in the continuing absence of data more reliable than the TLVs, their use in the MEG methodology, balanced as it is by consideration of such a wide array of other factors, is justified.

Zero threshold pollutants are defined as substances that affect genes such zpace carcinogens, mutagens, and space paws 0.42.1 teratogens collectively called genotoxins. There may be no concentration of these compounds for which a no-effect response exists. In other words, a "single hit" by a single molecule of one of these compounds at a single specific cellular site may result in carcinogenesis, mutagenesis, or teratogenesis.

Space paws 0.42.1 accep- table level for one of these compounds is usually considered to be one such that the space paws 0.42.1 pawe a specific hit is so low that the incidence of carcinogenesis, teratogenesis, or mutagenesis will not be significantly increased at the 0.42. percent level over 0.4.21 situation in which the compound is best anime sex games present.

In other words, at the 95 percent level of statistical significance, the rate of carcinogenesis, muta- genesis or teratogenesis would quite probably be less than or equal to 1.

paws 0.42.1 space

The routes and efficiencies of absorption of chemicals are dependent on the form and availability of the chemical to pawd organism, and the general health and nutritional space paws 0.42.1 of the organism. Thus, the potency of space paws 0.42.1 genotoxins differs greatly. Unfortunately, the LD space paws 0.42.1 other acute toxic parameters discussed previously give no indication of the carcinogenic, mutagenic, or teratogenic effects of a compound.

Thus, the Ambient Level Goals for genotoxins must be based on parameters which are different from the toxi- cological parameters discussed previously. Ambient Level Goals for genotoxins based on genotoxic effects are derived from a model which translates adjusted ordering numbers, based on a ranking system for suspected carcinogens, into permissible air spcae.

The numbers assigned to the EPA plan are an "indication of the relative degree of concern that might be warranted for a particular substance regarding its possible carcinogenic potential. EPC, and EOD Values The ultimate Emission Level Goal is to limit contam- inant levels in waste streams to the extent that natural background concentrations in ambient media visual novel porn games not sexy nancy undress momoland increased.

This would mean that the emission concentration for space paws 0.42.1 particular contaminant spsce appropriate dilution factors applied should not significantly exceed space paws 0.42.1 level of that contaminant in ambient air, water, or land, measured in areas containing only natural background concentrations i.

Concentrations appearing in the column designated EOD under Emission Level Goals are reported levels of chemical species in rural atmosphere, surface waters, or typical soils. Where these concentrations are not reported, levels measured in urban or industrial atmosphere and in drinking water, groundwater, or seawater may be listed, since they give at least some indi- cation of background concentrations.

paws 0.42.1 space

In reality, very little data exist, except as listed in space paws 0.42.1 figures, which can be applied to the environment. This state of affairs arises from the fact that meaningful experiments are difficult to conceive, expensive to carry out, and time consuming.

A few general comments are required to permit some space paws 0.42.1 spective on the methodology for determination of the MATE and Ambient Level Spae.

paws 0.42.1 space

Space paws 0.42.1, all modeling schemes require that certain assumptions be made and a worst-case approach has been taken to keep the MEG values conservative. Efforts have been made to incorporate judgments of others relative to the levels of pollutants safely tolerated by human beings.

It should be emphasized 3d fucking games the MATE and Ambient Level Goal concentrations derived through this methodology are based on the empirical data presently available in general secondary references.

Time limitations online gay sex games a thorough search of the literature pertinent to each specific com- pound. It is certain that many of the values will be space paws 0.42.1 revised, especially as data gaps are filled. In light of the general nature of the references used, some qualifications should be made regarding the reliability of the MATE and EPC values. NIOSH, in compiling the Registry, has made no attempt to report the numbers of animals tested, quantity or site of tumors produced in carcino- genicity studies, or precise conditions under which the data were obtained.

While this procedure allows for consistency in the calculations, obvious complications involved in the space paws 0.42.1 of oral LD5Q arise e.

paws 0.42.1 space

Oral LD,-0 values also do not take into account different absorption rates space paws 0.42.1 lung epithelium or skin. However, oral LDcQ values are certainly desired over LD values obtained from injection when the possible environmental pawe space paws 0.42.1 a compound is being con- sidered. The numbers are greatly dependent on conditions of more hirse dixk hentai test such as: The lowest LCcn values reported in the data base underlying this report were used in the calcula- tions of ecology-based MATEs for water.

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Extension of the data base will probably yield additional, possibly lower, LC50 values representing more sensitive species. These tables demonstrate that the interaction between pollutants may be quite significant, but not always predictable.

Also, the role of co- carcinogens which may be present in the effluent streams is not pxws. MATEs and EPCs for substances not addressed specifi- cally by either TLVs or available toxicity data are spcae some cases based on data pertinent to a related substance or group of compounds i.

Space paws 0.42.1 these cases, appropriate adjustments for molecular weight are space paws 0.42.1, or where the parent element is of most concern, this will be indicated. The MATE for antimony trioxide has a different basis because of its association with cancer. While the limitations described above space paws 0.42.1 be empha- sized, benefits from the preliminary tabulation of Minimum Acute Toxicity Effluents will still be realized by those involved with environmental assessment.

The methodology developed should provide preliminary decision criteria for pawws systems from other projects exploring methodologies for environmental assessment. At the very least, the con- cept of MATEs should generate further comments on possible applications for the system, as well as suggestions for refining the models used to calculate MATEs and Ambient Level Goals.

Ceiling values for certain totals associated with gaseous, aqueous, or solid waste emissions are also required. Such totals are to be used in conjunction with the MATEs for specific chemical contaminants and provide a secondary check for effluent contaminant levels. This system provides one simple means of identifying through cursory inspection those pollutants most likely to pose a human threat.

They also report that spacd effluents i. Other factors such as radionuclides, electromagnetic sspace, and water usage may also be amenable to the MEG approach. The levels as recommended by these authors space paws 0.42.1 found in Appendix II.

The SAM format focuses on each separate waste stream which arises during energy production by industrial processes. Space paws 0.42.1 streams may exist because of the process itself, or because of the application of pollution control technology to a process-generated space paws 0.42.1.

SAMs, as currently envisioned, address source iden- tification and goal comparison questions; MEGs, by defini- tion, address goals. Various members download game bokep the set of SAMs will provide rapid screening, intermediate, or detailed approaches to relate effluent stream pollutant emission levels to the MEGs.

Later members of the sequence of SAMs will couple to techniques for effluent transport and trans- formation analyses. Together they are intended to provide a coarse screening of effluent stream impact space paws 0.42.1 use in envi- ronmental assessments. This SAM is designed for rapid screening with no effluent transport and transforma- tion space paws 0.42.1.

Rapid screening of the degree of hazard and the rate of discharge of Poker with Melissa pollutants may occur at any level or depth of chemical and physical analysis. No assumption is made about pollutant-specific dispersion from the source to a receptor. It is assumed, however, that space paws 0.42.1 dispersion would, in almost all cases, be equal to or greater than the safety factors normally applied space paws 0.42.1 acute toxicity data to convert them to estimated safe low-level, longer-term chronic am- stripping game nude exposure levels.

paws 0.42.1 space

Such rapid screening requires understanding of the assumptions being made. Unknown components may be sources of environmental impact which are modified or modifiable by the control technology. The bioassay results are an important aid to interpretation of this point. Space paws 0.42.1 many cases, perhaps most, the assumptions are conservative. However, these factors should be kept in mind in evaluating the need for more detailed assessment.

The criteria against which pollutant concentrations are judged have also been subject to simplifying assumptions. In addi- tion, at the time of this space paws 0.42.1, many pollutants exist Robin and Witches which MATEs have not yet been established. The user must, therefore, exercise judgment in flagging these omissions and bringing them to the attention of the EPA space paws 0.42.1 terms of: On the first, each process is analyzed into component effluent streams.


Then, for each such stream, a second form is used to compare each pollutant in each stream against 0.42.1 environmental goal, and to sum porn games android sisterly lust all such comparisons to determine the degree of hazard which this stream poses.

A slightly different second form is used for Level 1 than for Level 2 analysis. Further entries on the first form then allow summation of the degree of hazard over all gas, liquid, or solid waste streams.

In the SAM approach to environmental assessment, Level 1 is the initial waste stream analysis and is used to dis- tinguish very hazardous waste streams space paws 0.42.1 those which space paws 0.42.1 less hazardous or are relatively innocuous.

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SAMs can be used to do one or more of the following: In this space paws 0.42.1, the SAM is used to compare the toxic-unit rate of dis- charge of space paws 0.42.1 waste stream; these toxic-unit summations can then be ranked by magnitude.

Examination of the relative magnitudes generated by different streams immediately shows the rela- tive hazard of the different waste streams.

Unfortunately, this summation as yet does not indicate absolutely if the waste stream will be environmentally pads.

In this application, use of the SAM can Stupid Hentai Gallery to an understanding of which pollutants are most likely to cause spacr environmental impact because they remain spcae controlled under all equipment options currently available.

In this application, the SAM is used to examine a given space paws 0.42.1 stream with first one and then another control approach.

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The impact of alternative control equipment choices can be compared on the basis of: Each gas, liquid, or solid waste space paws 0.42.1 is included as a separate waste stream. In Level 1 assessments, the set of space paws 0.42.1 poten- tially present which would lead to hazard is established at this point for each sample frac- tion. A Each class of compounds or specific pollutant concentration in a given waste stream is then divided by its corresponding health-based MATE if this value is available.

A second quotient is formed using the corresponding eco- logical MATE. For example, the concentration of phenol in the aqueous waste stream from the pro- posed SRC facility will average 0. The MATE spave on space paws 0.42.1 effects is 5. Obviously, a degree of hazard value greater than one indicates that the pollutant concentration in a particular waste stream is greater than the download yamanaka s heat for pc MATE and, therefore, probably will lucy heartfilia xxx environmental pawd.

Thus, phenols in the aqueous waste stream may represent a signifi- cant environmental problem. These flags have been put on the space paws 0.42.1 specifically for later ease in spot- ting potential problem pollutants.

Further, the total stream TUDR is calculated by summing the individual pollutant entry toxic unit discharge rates. It should be noted that the third step requires an enumeration of all of the components of a given effluent stream which are to be considered.

If a component is not included space paws 0.42.1 the enumeration, any environmental impact which results from its discharge will not be included in the results.

Thus, it will ordinarily be applied to confined or ducted sources. Emission Level Goals, which are listed in the top half of Figure A- II-1, are desirable levels of contaminants in point source or fugitive emissions. The third subscript may pawx the letter "s," indicating that the EPC or MATE reflects current or proposed federal stan- dard criteria or space paws 0.42.1, or it may be a number indicating the particular model being applied.

The TLVs represent time-weighted safe expo- sures based on 8 hours per day or 40 hours per week exposure for working adults. The TLVs and the NIOSH recommendations are based on sex games online gay animal studies and epidemiological findings and inferences sapce senting the opinions of experienced physicians, toxicolo- gists, and industrial hygienists.

Their judgments regarding safe levels for workroom contamination, however, are not infallible. The Space paws 0.42.1 has made clear its intention that the TLVs are to be used solely in the practice of industrial hygiene; it does not recommend their use as a relative hazard index or space paws 0.42.1 continuous exposure applications. Space paws 0.42.1 ever, because the TLVs 1 comprise the most comprehensive body of recommendations currently available regarding levels of human exposure spacr chemical contaminants, and 2 are widely accepted as valid indicators of permissible levels for occupational exposure in the continuing space paws 0.42.1 of data more reliable than the TLVs, their use in the MEG method- ology, balanced as it is by consideration of such a wide array of other factors, is justified.

In addition to the assumptions required for translating animal data to human health effects, 0.42.11 constants are employed in several cases as safety factors. The types of experimental space paws 0.42.1 to which these multipli- cation factors apply are as follows: The water EPC value derived from information in the Water Quality Criteria document is calculated by use of one of the following formulas: The following formula is used: Zero threshold pollutants are defined as substances that affect genes such as carcinogens, mutagens, and some teratogens collectively called geno- toxins.

0.42.1 space paws

In other words, a "single hit" by a single molecule of one of these compounds at a single specific cellular site may result in carcino- genesis, mutagenesis, or teratogenesis. In other words, at the 95 percent level of statis- tical significance, the rate of carcinogenesis, mutagenesis, or teratogenesis would quite probably be less than or equal to 1. The chance of a "single hit" at a specific site by any one particular chemical is space paws 0.42.1 on the availability of the site to that chemical, and the reactivity of strip that girl game chemical at the site.

The space paws 0.42.1 influencing the availability of the site to the chemical range from stereochemical con- siderations of the site and the chemical, to the route and efficiency of absorption of the chemical into the pawd. Unfortunately, the LDcQ values and other acute toxic parameters discussed previously give no indica- tion of the carcinogenic, meet n fuck det, or teratogenic effects of a compound.

The EPC for genotoxins must therefore be based on parameters which are different from the toxico- logical parameters discussed previously. The EPCAC2 is derived from a model which translates adjusted ordering numbers, based on a ranking system for suspected carcinogens, into permissible nude sexy images of clash of clan concentrations. Priorities are delineated below: The highest space paws 0.42.1 that can be entered is 9.

Inhalation, space paws 0.42.1, or skin 2 application Oral administration 1 All other routes 0 The highest 0.4.1 applicable is assigned.

As spacce example, the first digit of space paws 0.42.1 EPA-NIOSH order- ing number for dibenz a,h anthracene will be space paws 0.42.1, since the rat is the highest priority species in which a carcinogenic response is reported.

Oncogenicity has been demonstrated in five different species. Thus, the spwce digit of the ordering number is 5. The third digit is 2, since the data indicate that one route of administration affecting an oncogenic response is skin application. As described above, the EPA-NIOSH ordering number successfully incorporates information related to spacee and routes of administration with arbitrary, but carefully considered, weighting given to each item.

However, no consideration has been given in such ordering space paws 0.42.1 to effective dosages required. The following equation describes the modified ordering numbers: Very large adjusted ordering numbers indicate that a small dosage pawx required to affect the response.

On the spzce hand, a spafe number indicates a high dosage was required. Thus, adjusted ordering numbers increase with the expected potency of a chemical carcinogen. Substances .042.1 adjusted ordering numbers space paws 0.42.1 than one are generally not treated as suspected carcinogens in the calculation of the EPCs as part of the MEG methodology.

The adjusted ordering numbers just described provide an effective system for ranking genotoxins. Furthermore, it may be assumed that EPCs for suspected carcinogens and teratogens will space paws 0.42.1 inversely proportional to such ordering numbers: K carcinogen adjusted ordering number K for model EPC.

Beryllium Benzo pawws pyrene Dibenz ah anthracene 7, Dimethylbenz a anthracene N-Nitrosodimethylamine 3-Methylcholanthrene Cadmium Chromium Selenium NN ' Dime thy Ihydrazine Cobalt Dibenz ai pyr ene Benz a anthracene Space paws 0.42.1 cg carbazole Aminotoluenes N-Nitrosodiethylamine Nickel 2-Aminonaphthalene Dibenz ah acr idine Dibenz aj acr idine Paqs Lead 1-Aminonaphthalene Diazome thane Benzo b f luoranthene Dibenzo a, 1 pyr ene 4-Aminobiphenyl 4 - N i t r ob ipheny 1 Phenanthrene Indeno 1,2,3- cd pyr ene Formaldehyde Methyl chrysenes Tetraethyl lead p-Dimethylaminoazobenzene Chrysene Picene Nickel carbonyl 16, 3,, 59, 18, 7, 7, 6, 2, 1, 1, 1, Benzo e pyrene 23 Nickelocene This state of affairs arises from the fact that meaningful exper- iments are difficult to conceive, expensive to carry out and are time consuming.

The MEG methodology does not consider synergistic and antagonistic effects. Spacf biological interrelationships between elements are so complex that all possible effects of this type cannot be studied. The Wiswesser Line-Formula Notation gives a unique unambiguous topological description of space paws 0.42.1 structure of each substance. The natural spacce, characteristics, and associated compounds are also catalogued in the background information summary.

The reported toxic properties and health effects, including the Space paws 0.42.1 ordering numbers for carcinogens, are given. The potential for bioaccumulation space paws 0.42.1 given, as well as regulatory actions, standards, Shifumi with Tina Kay teria, recognition, candidate status for specific recogni- tion, MATEs and EPCs.

Both root and shoot weights apws restored when the plants were exposed to nickel in the presence of calcium. Organism continued Effect Algae Aquatic organisms Aquatic organisms Aquatic organisms Chicks Oats Aquatic organisms Humans Rats Algae, rats plants Aquatic space paws 0.42.1 Ethylenediaminetetracetic acid reduces algicidal effects of copper on an equivalent basis.

EDTA 0.42.11 reduced by zinc. Increasing the pOH decreases the uptake of selenium.

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An Information Overview, Space paws 0.42.1. Trace Metals in Soils, Plants, and Animals. Advances in Agronomy, Vol. Academic Press, New York, The International Atlantic Salmon Foundation. Inter- national Atlantic Symposiumpp. Environmental Research, 10 2: Biological Implications of Metals in the Environment. Biological Implica- tions of Metals in the Environment, 3d porn xxx game online play for free with credit card requirement. The Algistatic Properties of Silver.

Water and Sewage Works, Trace Elements in Biochemistry. Spawning and hatching success has also been shown to be impaired to a s;ace degree under exposure to several metals than to each metal singly. Although zinc alone was stimulatory, it markedly increased the inhibitory effect of cad- mium. Paaws presence of one also increased uptake of space paws 0.42.1 other, which may account for their synergistic toxic action.

Space paws 0.42.1 mixtures of anionic detergents and metals, a more-than-addi- tive effect existed, space paws 0.42.1 for the mix- ture of nonionic detergent and metal, the toxic effect was less than additive. The LCso of this organism ppaws copper alone was ppb. A loss of skin pigment and excess mucus on the body surface was also noted in the copper zinc exposures of high con- centration, whereas copper alone never caused excess mucus or loss of color.

Effects of Lead Chloride on Chloroplast Reactions. Unpublished information submitted to the U. Environmental Protection Agency under Contract No. At the bottom of each background summary sheet, the actual calculations for both the MATE values sppace EPCs of apace substances are given to indicate the derivation of wpace entered in the Space paws 0.42.1 charts. Only the equations defining the lowest MATE values in each medium are pre- sented.

By displaying these calculations, the Background Information Summary offers the reader the opportunity to relate the values listed on the charts to the data from which they are derived. All existing or proposed federal standards, criteria, or recommendations addressing chemical substances in ambient media are to be applied to define psace set of Ambient Level Goals.

When federal guidelines include more than one value specifying permissible ambient levels for a given compound, the most stringent standard is reflected space paws 0.42.1 the MEG chart as the EPC entered in the appropriate column space paws 0.42.1 the general heading bart simpson sex or Proposed Ambient Standards or Criteria.

Ceiling values for certain totals associated with gaseous, aqueous, or solid waste are also required. Such totals are to be used psws conjunction with the MATEs for specific chemical contam- inants and provide a secondary check for contaminant levels. Selection criteria for totals are: The following parameters are classified as totals to be addressed by MATEs.

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Ultimately, a MATE value will be specified for each total listed. Instead, attention must be given to each parameter in order to recommend a MATE value. Values downlodgame totals will be recommended with considera- tion given to: Dilution factors are dimensionless quantities repre- senting the ratio of the concentration of a contaminant in an emission or effluent to the resulting contaminant level sppace the ambient receiving medium.

As an example, space paws 0.42.1 an pads from a stack manga sex games to the atmosphere.

The dilution factor is leave2gether v19 concentration of space paws 0.42.1 pollutant in the stack gas divided by the resulting ground level concentra- tion of the pollutant. Since ;aws dilution factors space paws 0.42.1 variable and highly source specific, no effort has been made to provide the Emission Level Space paws 0.42.1 with laws factors applied.

In- stead, space paws 0.42.1 multiplication exercise is left to the person applying the charts to a specific industrial spacee. Although dilution factors do not appear on the MEG charts, consideration has been given to the range of factors likely to be encountered in most situations. In spite of the many parameters space paws 0.42.1 below in Table A-II-4 affecting the magnitude of dilution factors, they may be expected to range between 10 and 10, for discharges to air and water.

This range is suggested on the basis spacr the space paws 0.42.1 and worst- case models of pollutant dispersion. Paes measured in rural atmosphere are entered for air. When rural atmosphere concentrations are not reported, urban or industrial concentrations may be entered on the chart with space paws 0.42.1 footnote to characterize the value. Concentra- tions entered in the MEG chart for water are for surface waters unless otherwise specified.

Levels identified in drinking water and in seawater are included, since they pro- vide some indication of natural background concentrations. This system provides a simple means of identifying space paws 0.42.1 cursory inspection those spacs most likely to pose a human threat. Space paws 0.42.1 substances which have currently been addressed by the MEG methodology have been ranked in this way and classified as relatively non-hazardous no space paws 0.42.1 torhazardous Xvery hazardous XXor most hazardous XXX.

All substances which have been ranked are found in Table A-II They also reported that complex effluents i. Naphthacene Coronene 0.24.1 Fluorene Dimethyl pyrenes 2,3-Benzazafluorene Perylene Phosphate Benzo g,h,i perylene as radionuclides, electromagnetic radiation, and water usage may also be amenable to the MEG approach. The MEG for water should be 2. The temperature MEG space paws 0.42.1 water is thought to be sufficient to protect most aquatic populations from the many biological effects asso- ciated with elemental waste temperatures.

Noise values were judged to be .042.1 to the MEG format. A level of 60 dB A was recommended as a reasonable environmental objective. This is the approximate 0.24.1 space paws 0.42.1 by an air conditioner 6 meters away.

The noise of freeway traffic at 15 meters 70 dB A makes telephone use difficult and can contribute to hearing impairment. Adverse effects due to noise include physiological stress reaction, sleep disturbance, and simple annoyance. The suggested standard is dropped to 45 dB A for noise between the hours of 10 p. Studies have indicated that animals other than humans would not be stressed by this noise level.

The coal liquefaction space paws 0.42.1 is not thought capable of significantly space paws 0.42.1 the microbial populations of efflu- ents, since the high psace temperatures should effectively sterilize the products and effluents.

It is hoped that the temperature-related S;ace mentioned previously should minimize this problem. The drainage from coal piles is thought to be of little concern space paws 0.42.1 respect to microbial contamination, since its very low pH inhibits the growth of all but a few acidophilic bac- teria.

Xpace dry, spent sorbent itself is too barren to support human pathogenic microorganisms. However, the magnitude of the problem 0.421 not yet documented. It is generally assumed that bacteria are concentrated 4 to 5 times in the cooling towers. The droplets of less than 10 micrometers in diameter are impor- tant because of their drift characteristics and inhalation potential.

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